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June 2020

The World Handicapping System (WHS) is scheduled to be introduced in England from 2 November 2020. In preparation and as part of their education programme, England Golf has produced a comprehensive set of videos to assist Clubs with their understanding of the WHS.  The videos are in four parts covering an Introduction, the Calculation, Playing and the Committee and are available by following the link below.


As a follow up to these videos England Golf will soon be sending further information to Clubs designed to assist with presentations to members.  This further material is expected later this month or early July and will be accompanied by a copy of the new Rules of Handicapping.

Please take time to look at all the information that England Golf distribute and the World Handicapping pages on the England Golf website –see  The attached Check List is a useful tool WHS CLUB CHECKLIST. Golf Club members should contact their Club Secretary / Manager with any questions.

Club Secretary’s / Managers please contact the County Handicap Advisory Team through the County Office vie email or via telephone should you need assistance.