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 Sussex Boys Under 16 Squad at the Home of Golf
Please click for the result against Scotland U16's   A Great Win.

All arrived at the airport safely, smartly and on time apart from the ever reliable Mr Steven Orr who turned up fourteen minutes late; Alan will fine him accordingly. Numerous boys luggage's failed to meet the required weights and thus James Holden was given the honour of receiving only the second fine of the trip. Jack Floyd's luggage also came in at a peachy couple of kilo's overweight and so was charged an additional £2. Following Jack's antics in the terminal, trying to smuggle his Abercrombie and Fitch aftershave through Gatwick's infamously thorough security checks, the majority of the lads set off to explore the various stores and cafe's that littered the departure longue.

Displaying typical Sussex initiative, a number of the boys took it upon themselves to purchase full English breakfasts, though the managerial team decided to save their cash. A decision that proved to be very wise as these would be given later, and complementary during the flight. The flight was mercifully short and though we experienced some turbulence, the journey was mostly extremely comfortable. When we touched down in Edinburgh we began the arduous task of locating our clubs and bags. Surprisingly, they were returned to us almost instantly and despite various problems with transport, in a short while we were underway.

The squad split and divided into two minibuses: Alan's Ackers and Glossop's Gladiators. Though aided by Steve's considerable local knowledge and a Tom tom sat-nav, Glossop's Gladiators got off to a shaky start and after sampling most of the Scottish countryside, finally arrived at St.Andrew's a full 10 minutes after Covey and his warriors. Once again fines were issued. After everyone had changed and got all their gear together, we hit the range for a warm up and were lucky enough to catch sight of a current European Tour player - Steven O'Hara. After admiring his ball-striking, we all stretched and loosened up with a couple of buckets of balls. A short game exercise followed with  intense head-to-head rivalry as the two teams squared off against each other for the 1st time.

This resulted in Alan's Ackers sprinting in to a 12-7 lead. We then indulged in a quick lunch break before finally getting out onto the course. The Eden provided an exceptional test and in blustery winds the team captains lead from the fore. Both Alan and Martin rose to the occasion and bisected the fairway, with Alan running out the winner after clinching it on the last.

(note: both managers bettered their handicaps by 3 shots!!!). The boys all gave 100% effort and though scoring was difficult, some fine numbers were posted. The best scores were:

1. Jack Floydd +1
2. Marco Penge +3
3. Alex Henderson +5
4. Max Saxena +6
    James Lelliot +6
    Jared Perks +6
    Josh Glossop +6
And so at the end of the 1st day, Glossop's Gladiators pulled back, winning 8-6 in the medal matchplay. Though overall Alan's Ackers still held on to a narrow 18-15 lead. We just about got round before the light faded and headed into town for dinner. The food was great and 'shot of the day' was awarded to Marco Penge for his superb stinging driver off the deck on 9. Needless to say, no one escaped without fines and the whole bar was entertained by Alan Covey. Eventually, we checked in at the hotel and settled into our rooms for some much needed shut-eye.

Written by Billy Trinkwon, has he got a thing about airports!!


Tomorrow staying at St Andrews Bay, skill testing and playing the Torrance course. Will Martin get Revenge!!

Intense Links golf Coaching, preparing the guys for Saturday's match.

The alarms went off at 6:30 sharp on the morning of our final day in Scotland and grudgingly, we all shuffled out of bed. First on the agenda was a quick bag-packing and then Martin, Alan and Sally did a quick sweep of the rooms to check no belongings were left behind. Once everything was loaded into the minibuses, we all rallied downstairs for one last buffet breakfast and a couple of pots of the unbelievably potent Fairmont hot chocolate - that stuff is truly addictive!! However, there was little time to savour the elixir as we had to dash off to the back into St.Andrews for almost certainly the highlight of the entire trip: walking the 17th and 18th holes of the Old Course. Everyone was buzzing as we pulled up and each took a wedge and a ball from our bags. That done, after a brief argument about the ideal line off the 17th tee (the 'o' of 'hotel' by the way!!), we proceeded to set off down the fairway. It was surreal to know that we were walking over the same ground that Old Tom Morris and his son would have trod on hundreds of years ago. We were quite literally following in the footsteps of legends. Then came the moment I'd been waiting for, the one thing I'd wanted to see above all others, the infamous road hole bunker. It was amazing. More a pit than a bunker, the lip of the thing had to be going on 10ft tall!!

Despite this, we'd brought our sand wedges along for a reason and one by one we each had a pop at escaping from the hallowed sand trap. A 'nearest the pin' competition quickly ensued with Billy Trinkwon eventually winning it after splashing out to just over 2ft away from the cup. However, the result wasn't important. What mattered most was the camaraderie between all the squad members, parents and managers: the cheering of successful escapes and the torrent of abuse when Alan thinned his attempt into the lip. Awesome.

The experience wasn't over yet though, there was still one more thing left to do; traverse the Swilken Bridge. Photos were taken both individually and as a team, and as soon as I set foot on it, I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I don't think any of the boys will forget that day as long as they live.

After everyone had soaked in the atmosphere, we had a look round some of the towns many golf shops, with a number of the boys buying souvenirs (towels, bag tags etc.). Then it was time to go and we all took to the minibuses once again. The journey to the Dukes Course took about 5 minutes and upon pulling up in the car park, we were greeted by the Scottish Junior Tour manager who presented us with a pack of brand new Callaway golf balls each, which proved particularly useful for me as by then the majority of the golf balls I'd brought with me were buried deep in gorse bushes!! We then whipped into the clubhouse to get some scorecards and then hit the range for a warm-up before tackling the boggy and fearsomely long Dukes. The layout was breathtaking, but unfortunately, the greens hadn't been cut and didn't quite live up to expectations. However, some fine scores were still posted with the best of the day being a level-par 71 from our very own Marco Penge. His acceptance speech was mercifully short - obviously he hasn't inherited Angelo's knack for lengthy public speaking!!!!!!!   Please click here for the scores from the Dukes course.

Once again though, we couldn't stay for long as we were on a tight schedule and had to wizz back to Edinburgh airport to catch our flight. We made it and though everyone was tired, we managed to struggle through security and onto the plane. A couple of the lads bags were overweight and fines looked to be forthcoming, however it appeared for whatever reason Alan had mellowed and no one's wallets were lightened. The flight was just a comfortable as before, though it has to be said a lot quieter!!! That might have had something to do with half the boys falling asleep!!

Finally, after an hour or so of flying, we touched down on English soil and after collecting our luggage, were reunited with all our parents. Everyone thanked Alan, Sally, Martin and Steve for all their hard work in organising the whole thing and I am confident I will never have as much fun again... At least until we head back there next year!!!

Billy 'Blogmeister' Trinkwon x


Our thanks to Billy for his great writing!!

Also a great big thanks to my team for making it a great weekend!!

It was an event that will stay with you all for life, when they talk about it in the future; you can tell them “I was there".
Alan Covey
Boys Manager.


 Sussex U16 Squad at the Airport with Martin Glossop U16 Manager.
What a smart group, a credit to Sussex and England.


 Alan Covey - Sussex Boys Manager at Kingsbarn Links