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Sussex U16 Bognor Regis
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Sussex Boys U16 Team       

Matt Greenfield   James Ashman       Won 4 & 3        
Alex Henderson Halved Brian Arneil Halved
Josh Glossop Won 2 up            Dave Hicks  
Dan Godin   Simon Ostrom Won 2 & 1
Almond Slade Won 1 up Tom Lea  
James Lelliott   Sean Maskell Won 2 & 1
Charlie Strickland    Won 5 & 4 Neil Whitehead  
Jared Perks Won 3 & 2 Lois Harrison  
George Tillman Won 1 up Jordan Vincent  
Billy Trinkwon   Tom Stoneham Won 3 & 2
Total Points  

The weather was kind to us for our match against Bognor Scratch Team. We got off to an excellent start with Joshua playing exceptional golf against Dave Hicks a Senior County player, he came in 2up with the 1st point. Almond's positive attitude then scored us the next point. Matt put in an commendable effort but was unable to get the upper hand against fellow County u18 player James Ashman. Alex kept his cool on the 17th and turned up the pressure to get a halve. Charlie and Jared demonstrated a high level of golf skill and took an early win. James, Dan and Billy despite giving 100% determination were unable to get ahead. George's excellent effort gave us another point on the 18th. True to form  Sussex showed total team work and we managed a win by one point . A fantastic start to this year season.


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