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In stunning weather at Peacehaven Golf Club, the annual competition for the Winder Trophy took place
between the County Under 18s, Under 16s and Under 14s. The still conditions (not always the case at
the courses on the Downs) led to some very impressive golf from all the teams with the result of the
match in doubt down to the last couple of matches out on the course.

In the morning 9 hole foursomes, there were some close matches with a special mention to the
performance of Matt Greenfield and Josh Glossop who won both their contests despite Josh having to
play two holes on his own because the Sussex County Captain couldn’t get Matt to the course on time!
Other good performances came from Ben Jones /Calvin Jarvis and Chris Meredith/ Prateek Rayasam in
the U18s and Sam Prince-Smith/Hamish Mardell and Tom Crossman/Joe Morley in the U14s with all
4 pairings winning both their matches. There was a strong performance too from the irrepressible
Strachan twins who took 3 points out of 4 after overcoming a pretty nervous start. At the end of the
morning, the scores stood at U18s -15pts, U14s – 11pts and U16s -10 pts leaving all still to play for
in the afternoon.

In the opening singles, U14 Cameron Henderson used his shot allowance to good effect to win both
his matches well to close the gap but it was soon restored by Michael Bullen winning both his matches
for the U18s. Sam Prince-Smith, who all day showed excellent Captain’s inspiration to the U14s then
won both his matches 4 and 3 but the big advantage to the U18s was quickly restored and extended
with excellent 4 point results from both Steven Gibbs and Jordan Russell. After 5 rounds of singles
matches, the U18s were sitting comfortably with leads of 7 and 11 points over the other two teams.
They reckoned without the sting in the tails of the other two teams. Billy Trinkwon and Terry Green
played some exceptional golf to put some much needed points on the board for the U16s and with
Callum Strachan and Laird Shepherd gaining valuable points for the U14s, the gap closed again.
So with 5 sets of singles to go, there was still no certainty over where the Trophy would go. In the end,
the lower order in the U14s came through earning 14 out of their possible 20 points in the last 5 matches.
Kurt Redman won both his matches and when he secured his 2nd win on the 17th green after an
excellent up and down for par, even showed some emotion (which was surprising from the most laid
back member of the U14 squad!). George Tillman added 4 points from his win to boost the U16s total
while Joe Morley wearing his squad issue purple tartan trousers proved to have too many shots for his
U18 opponent to pick up more valuable points for his side. The crunch then came with two marvelous
performances from U14s Daniel Paton and Tom Crossman who secured 3 and 4 points from their opponents.
Tom became the 2nd U14 player to secure maximum points from his foursomes and singles displaying
the fighting spirit evident during his year in the squad. Prateek Rayasam put up some late resistance for
the U18s and Hamish Houston produced some fine golf to secure maximum points for the U16s but it
was the U14s day and with a total points score of 40 won the trophy from the U18s on 36 pts and
the U16s on 32pts.

The win for the U14s followed 4 consecutive years by the U18s which had to be due for breaking. It was the
first U14 win since 2005 and after a tough year for league results was a very special win for a squad who
have never given up on effort and spirit.

The star performers (leading points scorers) for the three sides were

Under 18s
Prateek Rayasam   7 points
Steve Gibbs           6 points
Michael Bullen       6 points

Under 16s 
Matt Greenfield       6 points
Terry Green            6 points

Under 14s 
Sam Prince Smith  8 points
Tom Crossman       8 points
Callum Strachan    6 points
Joe Morley             6 points

The behaviour and attitude of all the teams was exemplary and a credit to the squad managers.
The competition was played in excellent spirit and it was a pleasure to see the cream of county
golf in such a fierce but fair contest.

Thanks to all the Team Managers, to John Wilson for starting the matches, to Peacehaven
for excellent hospitality and giving up so many of their tee times for the competition but most of
all to the players for putting on a great show.

Ian Jaggard
A very proud and happy U14 Team Manager

Please click here for a result sheet

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