Sussex County Golf Union
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Parental Consent Forms Received by Monday 23rd January 2017

If you are expecting your child to play in a Sussex event or a coaching session anytime in 2017 please print off and complete a 2017 Parental Consent Form and send it to the County Office. 

These forms will be kept until December 2017 and then shredded.  Please click here for a Form

It is strongly advised that your child keeps a copy of his/her Parental Consent Form
in his/her golf bag. Thank you.

Any child who arrives to play in an event for whom we do not hold such a form will be unable to play.

    Surname Name         Christian Name                      Club                
 Anderberg  Erik  Nevill 
 Anderberg  Simon  Nevill
 Bates  Cameron  Cuckfield
 Boddie  Jake  Singing Hills
 Burchell  Jamie  Goodwood 
 Clarke  Ben  Royal Eastbourne
 Clarke  Thomas  Royal Eastbourne
 MacIntyre  Taylor  Ham Manor
 Packham  Bertie   Singing Hills
 Packham  Thomas  Cuckfield
 Parsons  Charlie    Goodwood