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2019 Parental Consent Forms received - Updated on Friday 4th October 2019

If you are expecting your child to play in a Sussex event or a coaching session anytime in 2019, please print off and complete a 2019 Parental Consent Form and send it to the County Office. 

These forms will be kept until December each year and then shredded.  Please click here for a Form.

It is strongly advised that your child keeps a copy of his/her Parental Consent Form in his/her golf bag. Thank you.

Any child who arrives to play in an event for whom we do not hold such a form will be unable to play.

 Surname                First Name              Golf Club                  
 Allan  Daniel  West Sussex
 Aram  Amelia  West Sussex
 Ashby-Skyrme  Will   Rustington 
 Atkins  Baxter  Royal Eastbourne
 Bailey  Morton  Mannings Heath
 Bartlett  Oliver  Rustington
 Barton  Toby  West Sussex
 Bateman  Rocco  Goodwood
 Bates  Cameron  Mannings Heath
 Benetar  Benjamin  Horne Park
 Benton  Samuel  Cooden Beach
 Berry  Jack  Goodwood
 Bicknell  Rae  Worthing
 Blackford  William  Sedlescombe
 Boyce  Alexander  Rustington
 Broggi  Charlie  Bognor Regis
 Brown  Tilly  Rustington
 Burchall  Jamie  Goodwood
 Burdon  Chloe  Chartham Park
 Burgon  Aoife  Ham Manor
 Buschhaus  Kieran  Ifield
 Byrne  Joseph  Cottesmore
 Byrne  Louis  Sedlescombe
 Cahi  Leo  Cottesmore
 Callow  Harry  Goodwood
 Casement  Edward  Haywards Heath
 Challice  Max  Royal Eastbourne
 Chen  Max  Rustington
 Clarke  Ben  Royal Eastbourne
 Clarke  Thomas  Royal Eastbourne
 Cooper  Kochi  Chartham Park
 Cooper  Toby  Ifield
 Coxen  Sam  Royal Eastbourne
 Crichton-Coote  Fergal  Cooden Beach
 Crickmore  Alex  Piltdown
 Curtis  Charlie  Haywards Heath
 Dalgliesh  Rory  Haywards Heath
 Dance  Joshua  Cottesmore
 Daniels  Will  Cooden Beach
 Dew  Eleanor  Rustington
 Dhami  Caelan  Cottesmore
 Dickinson  Miles  West Sussex
 Dickinson  Tristan  West Sussex
 Dickman  Oliver  Cuckfield
 Dobson  Oscar  Mid Sussex
 Dowling  Harry  Ifield
 Downs  Noah  Littlehampton
 Dunk  Mackenzie  East Brighton
 Dunlop  Harley  Royal Eastbourne
 Evans  Harvey  Royal Ashdown Forest
 Farmer  Oliver  Cottesmore
 Field  Katie  Bognor Regis
 Fillion  Elliot  Cottesmore
 Fleming  Theo   Rustington 
 Flood  Joseph  Bognor Regis
 Ford  Lauren  Ham Manor 
 Fraser-Jones  Harvey  East Brighton
 Fullarton  Kade  Cottesmore
 Garcka  Harvey  Rustington
 Gilgenkrantz  Charlie  West Hove
 Gilgenkrantz  George  West Hove
 Greig  Joshua  Cottesmore
 Groom  Billy  Worthing
 Hang  Yasmin    Goodwood 
 Harris  Harry  West Hove
 Hassall  Maisie  Royal Ashdown Forest
 Hasell  Calum  Cottesmore
 Hauffe  Zac  Goodwood
 Hayes  Harrison  Rustington
 Head  Ashley  Chartham Park 
 Heagerty  Patrick  Piltdown
 Heal  Annabelle  Haywards Heath
 Hendrick  Thomas  Bognor Regis
 Herring  Max  Goodwood
 Hilton  Charlie  Ifield
 Hobby  Jack  Mannings Heath
 Horn  William  Rustington
 Howells  Harvey  Nevill
 Hughes  Lloyd  Selsey
 Hunt  Harvey  Rustington
 Isham  Harry  Bognor Regis
 Johnson  Deaglan   Worthing 
 Kay  George   Haywards Heath
 Keary  Ella  Dale Hill
 Kendall  William  Cooden Beach
 Kenyon  Fergus  West Sussex
 Kerkhove  Ashlei  Rustington
 Lawrence  Lewy  West Hove
 Lingard  Dylan  Chartham Park
 Linkhorn  Bradley   Ham Manor 
 Lloyd  William  Rustington
 Losh  Rebecca  Worthing
 MacGovern  Oliver  Rustington
 Maginnis  Charlie  Bognor Regis
 Malin  Harry  Bognor Regis
 Martin  Max  East Sussex National
 Massey-Gooding  Joshua  Ham Manor
 McCartain  Joshua    Goodwood 
 McDowell  Jamie  Haywards Heath
 McLellan  Ben  Haywards Heath
 Metcalfe  Christopher  Haywards Heath
 Mian  Rohan  Mannings Heath
 Molloy  Dylan  Haywards Heath
 Monsellato Boyd  Fabio  Ifield
 Moodley  Caden  Cottesmore
 Morrall  Toby  Holtye
 Muggeridge  Freddie  West Sussex
 Nagle  Jamie  Rustington
 Neal  Jamie   Rustington 
 Neal  Jazmine  Rustington
 Nicholas  Ellen  Ham Manor
 Nolan  Gudrun  Hollingbury Park
 Oates  Will  Royal Eastbourne
 O'Halloran  Will  Goodwood
 O'Keefe  Bertie   Rustington 
 Oliver  Cameron  Copthorne
 Packham  Bertie  Singing Hills
 Packham  Ronnie  Singing Hills
 Packham  Thomas  Lindfield
 Peate  Isaac  Cottesmore
 Penalver  Bailey  Cottesmore
 Pepper  George  Piltdown
 Piani  Luca  Haywards Heath
 Piper  Freddie  Willingdon
 Pigram  Lucy  Cottesmore
 Powell  Ben  Cottesmore
 Prior  Johnny  Singing Hills
 Randall  Ethan  East Sussex National and Piltdown
 Reeves  Charlie  Rustington
 Reid  Genevieve  Bognor Regis
 Reynolds  Oliver  West Sussex
 Roberts  Ralph  Ham Manor
 Roberts  Amelia  *******
 Robinson  Alfie  Pyecombe
 Robinson  James  Cottesmore
 Robinson  Jimmy  Pyecombe
 Ross  Alanna  Dale Hill
 Rothwell  Harry  Ifield
 Sayers  Rachel   Rustington 
 Simpson  Alfie  Goodwood
 Sinclair  Lilah  West Hove
 Smith  Jasper  Rustington
 Smith  Oliver  West Hove
 Smith  Ollie  Royal Ashdown Forest
 Snashall  George  Haywards Heath
 Staniforth  Daniel  Rustington
 Stewart-Parsons  Madeleine  Haywards Heath
 Stoneham  Jake  Bognor Regis
 Stride  Ethan  Goodwood
 Stuart  Aston  Rustington
 Sullivan  Joe  Chartham Park
 Sykes  Drew  Goodwood
 Sykes  Joe  Goodwood
 Thomas  Peter  Cottesmore
 Trimmer  Benjamin  Worthing
 Trimmer  Nicholas  Worthing
 Tyler  Max  Haywards Heath
 Underwood  Harvey    Singing Hills 
 Vearncombe  Matthew  Copthorne
 Venter  Ava  Rustington
 Vine  Freddie  Ham Manor
 Walker  Maxwell  East Brighton
 Wallbank  Charlie  Haywards Heath
 Watson  Jacob  Ham Manor 
 Westerdijk  Alexander  Goodwood
 Whiston  Jasper   West Hove 
 White  Oscar  Cowdray Park
 White  Thady  East Brighton
 Willis  George  West Sussex