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Parental Consent Forms


Guidelines for Parents

As a County we encourage parents, families and friends to come along and support the Boys whenever they can.

This is a list of Do's and Don’ts to enhance your enjoyment and ease pressure on the Boys: 
Don’t caddie or tend the flag in any Junior event. 
Don’t give advice or rulings. Advice can only be given by Team Managers and rulings by referees. 
Don’t walk on Fairways and Greens, always spectate from the sidelines, The County operate a 25 yard rule, you must not be within that distance of the players.

Do encourage and show your appreciation of good shots, from any player. 
Do Ball spot, this is always a great help in speeding up play. 
Do help your son prepare; nutrition, hydration, the correct equipment, yardage charts, marked balls etc.  

Parental Consent Forms Received up to Wednesday 10th February 2016

If you are expecting your child to play in a Sussex event or a coaching session during 2016 please print off a 2016 Parental Consent Form and send it to the County Office. 

These forms will be kept until December 2016 and then shredded.  Please click here for a Form

It is strongly advised that your child keeps a copy of his/her Parental Consent Form
in his/her golf bag. Thank you.

Any child who arrives to play in an event for whom we do not hold such a form will be unable to play.

     Name                                            Club                
 Beadles  Johno  Golf At Goodwood
 Burchell  Jamie  Golf At Goodwood
 Clarke  Ben  Royal Eastbourne
 Clarke  Thomas  Royal Eastbourne
 Giddins  Jack  Royal Eastbourne
 Groom  William  Worthing
 Hilton  Charlie  Ifield
 Holmwood  Jack  Mannings Heath
 Johnson  Jamie  Crowborough Beacon