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Parental Consent Forms


Guidelines for Parents

As a County we encourage parents, families and friends to come along and support the Boys whenever they can.

This is a list of Do's and Don’ts to enhance your enjoyment and ease pressure on the Boys: 
Don’t caddie or tend the flag in any Junior event. 
Don’t give advice or rulings. Advice can only be given by Team Managers and rulings by referees. 
Don’t walk on Fairways and Greens, always spectate from the sidelines, The County operate a 25 yard rule, you must not be within that distance of the players.

Do encourage and show your appreciation of good shots, from any player. 
Do Ball spot, this is always a great help in speeding up play. 
Do help your son prepare; nutrition, hydration, the correct equipment, yardage charts, marked balls etc.  

Parental Consent Forms Received up to Friday 31st October 2014

If you are expecting your child to play in a Sussex event or a coaching session during 2014 please print off a Parental Consent Form and send it to the county office. 

These forms will be kept until December 2014 and then shredded.  Please click here for a form

It is strongly advised that your child keeps a copy of his/her Parental Consent Form
in his/her golf bag. Thank you.

Any child who arrives to play in an event for whom we do not hold such a form will be unable to play.

Anderberg  Erik Boars Head
Anderberg Simon  Boars Head 
Arter Samuel Copthorne
Atkins Baxter Royal Eastbourne
Avis Josh Seaford
Bacon  Zack Ham Manor
Bailey Richard  Cottesmore 
Bailey Tom Chartham Park
Baker Alex Ham Manor
Baker Matt Ham Manor 
Barton Toby West Sussex
Beadles Jono Goodwood
Belfield Harri Royal Eastbourne
Berenguer Vicente Beauport Park
Bhangra Sachin Holtye
Bicknell Rae Worthing 
Bingham George Bognor Regis
Blackman Andrew West Hove
Bramwell Luke West Hove 
Britland Alfred Royal Eastbourne
Brown Penelope             Worthing
Bruce Tyrone Royal Eastbourne
Burchell Harvey Goodwood 
Burchell Jamie Goodwood
Budgen Miles Piltdown
Budgen Ross Piltdown
Burdon Chloe  Nevill 
Bushell Tom West Sussex
Buss Barton Worthing
Callow Harry Goodwood
Calvert Matthew Ham Manor
Chamberlain Ashley West Hove 
Cheesman          Jack Dyke
Clarke Ben Royal Eastbourne
Clarke Sam Chartham Park
Clarke Thomas Royal Eastbourne
Clarke Tom  Chartham Park
Clegg Olivia Slinfold
Coxen Zac Royal Eastbourne
Crichton-Coote Fergal Royal Eastbourne
Crunden  Alistair Mannings Heath
Dance Josh Cottesmore
Dart Jamie Mannings Heath
Davies Peter Goodwood
Davis Joshua Sedlescombe
Dickman Oliver Cuckfield
Dignan Tom Worthing
Drake Arthur Mid Sussex
Durrant Lloyd Hassocks
Durrant Lucas Hassocks
Edwards Charlie Royal Eastbourne
Edwards Jack Royal Eastbourne
Edwards Jamie Royal Eastbourne
Eggleton Jay  Cottesmore
Embleton Marcus  Bognor Regis
Evans Harvey Chartham Park
Evans-Thomas George Piltdown
Farrell  Joe Chichester 
Feldmanis John  Ifield
Fernando Kane  East Sussex National
Field Katie Bognor Regis
Foice Scott West Chiltington
Fox Joseph Ifield
Fox Thomas Ifield
Fradgley Joseph Chichester
Francis Gemma Copthorne 
Fraser-Jones  Harvey Hollingbury Park
Funnell Joel Seaford
Gatcum  Rachel Cooden Beach
Gausden Harrison Royal Eastbourne
Gayler Reece East Brighton
Giddins Jack  Royal Eastbourne 
Gill Giles Dale Hill
Goddard George West Hove
Gravenor Haydon West Chiltington
Gravenor Ryan West Chiltington
Graves Oli East Brighton 
Graves  Toby East Brighton
Greig Joshua  Cottesmore
Groom Billy Worthing
Groves George Copthorne
Hang Yasmin Goodwood
Hardy Joshua Royal Eastbourne
Harrison Louis Ifield 
Harrison Thomas Nevill 
Hellyer Daniel Chichester
Henty Adam Worthing
Herring  Max Chichester
Hilton Charlie  Ifield 
Hobby  Jack Mid Sussex 
Holmwood Jack Mannings Heath
House James Cooden Beach 
Huddlestone Samuel Mannings Heath 
Huggett James Worthing
Hutton Alfie  Pyecombe
Hyde Sam Worthing
Hyland Ollie Boars Head
Isham Harry Bognor Regis
Jackson James Chichester 
James-Gibson Cameron Cottesmore
James-Gibson Henry Cottesmore
Johnson Alex Boars Head
Johnson Connor Worthing
Johnson Deaglan Worthing
Johnson  Jamie Boars Head
Jones Bradley Nevill
Jones Christopher Chichester 
Jones Davis Nevill
Jones Harrison Nevill
Long James Willingdon
Longley Nathan Worthing
Lyons Nicholas Lindfield
Macintosh Gregor  Mannings Heath 
Macintyre Oakley Rustington
Macintyre Taylor Rustington
Mackellow Billy Crowborough Beacon  
Mahoney Connor Hassocks
Manser Christopher  Crowborough Beacon 
Mayo Zhane Cooden Beach
McCartain Joshua Worthing
Miller Ryan West Hove
Mills George  Mid Sussex 
Mitchell Ryan Copthorne
Montford Bebb Josh Piltdown
Montford Bebb Louis Piltdown
Morley Joe Brighton & Hove
Morris Louis East Brighton 
Nicholls Tom Nevill
Nobbs Oliver East Brighton
O'Halloran William Slinfold
Osler-Holt Oliver  Piltdown 
Ounstead George Nevill 
Packham Bertie Singing Hills
Packham Will West Sussex 
Parker Jake West Sussex
Parsons Charlie Littlehampton 
Peate Isaac Cottesmore
Percy Lucas Dyke
Phillimore  Callum Cooden Beach
Photiou  Alexander Royal Eastbourne
Pooley Jack  East Sussex National
Prince-Smith Sam  Chartham Park 
Pullan Toby Piltdown
Radley-Martin Joe Seaford
Robins  Jordan  Copthorne/Walton Heath
Ruggieri Leonardo Goodwood
Russell Fraser  Cuckfield
Sewell  Marcus  Worthing 
Shepherd Laird Crowborough Beacon     
Simpson  Alfie Goodwood
Smith Ollie Royal Ashdown
Sorrell Charlie Seaford 
Sowton Adam Cuckfield
Sprange Oliver Cooden Beach
Springthorpe Tyler Ifield
Stoneham Jake Bognor Regis
Strachan Ally Royal Eastbourne 
Strachan Callum Royal Eastbourne
Strickland Charlie Ham Manor
Stride Ethan Goodwood
Sullivan Joe Chartham Park 
Sullivan  Sam  Chartham Park
Sutton Jack East Brighton
Sykes Daniel  Worthing 
Sykes Joe Littlehampton
Taplin Daniel  Royal Eastbourne 
Taylor Hayden Worthing
Thurloway Thomas Mannings Heath
Townsend William  Worthing
Watson Jacob Rustington
Waymark Jack Chartham Park
Webster Elliott Mannings Heath 
Weddell Oscar  Copthorne
Wedge Tom West Hove
Welch Thomas Royal Eastbourne
Western Joseph East Sussex National
White Bradley Ifield
White Joe Mannings Heath 
White Robert Hassocks
Wilson Edward Royal Ashdown
Woosley James Bognor Regis
Worner  Harry Ham Manor
Zotov Egor  Cottesmore