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Sussex U17 v Hertfordshire
Venue - Hadley Wood
Date - Sunday 2nd October 2011
Sussex    Points Score Points Hertfordshire   
Jordan Russell &
Marco Penge 
 0 1 up  William Aldred &
Neil Pabari 
Kyle Gaster &
Josh Glossop 
1 up  Aaron Frost &
Joe Brooks   
Steven Gibbs &
Alex Henderson 
½  Halved  ½  Nick Ward &
Sam Towler 
Nick Ward &
Hamish Houston 
5 & 4  George Welsh &
George Williams 
Jered Perks &
James Lelliott
1 4 & 3 0 George Light &
Tommy Ashton
Jordan Russell  6 & 5  William Aldred 
Kyle Gaster  2 up  Sam Towler 
Marco Penge  2 & 1  Neil Pabari 
Josh Glossop  7 & 6  George Welsh 
Alex Henderson  4 & 3  Nick Ward 
Steven Gibbs  1 up  Joe Brooks 
Nick Ward  6 & 5  Aaron Frost 
James Lelliott  1 up  Tommy Ashton 
Hamish Houston  2 & 1  George Light 
Jared Perks  2 up  George Williams 
  Match Halved

A great match with Hertfordshire last man, getting a birdie on the last 2 holes,
to gain a half for our hosts!

The Foursomes were very good and again had it not been
for strong finishes from Herts, we could have been 5 up at lunch
but it was destined to be that sort of day.
All square at lunch with good wins for the Royal Eastbourne pair,
of Ward and Houston and Worthing pair of Perks and Lelliot.
Alex Henderson and Steven Gibbs did well to halve with
England International Nick Ward,
yes they have one as well, and the impressive Sam Towler,
Russell and Penge, Gaster and Glossop, both pairs were 
unlucky to lose on the last hole.
In the singles Aldred was too strong for Jordan Russell.
Kyle Gaster played really well to beat Towler, with 4 birdies at the turn.
Marco Penge had a great battle with Pabari, but was too solid.
Josh Glossop had ‘one of those days’.
Alex Henderson played well but was out putted by Ward
Our Nick ward played very well to overwhelm Frost, college life must suit him.
James Lelliott got to the 18th and battled really well, before coming up short.
Hamish played much better than his handicap suggested and beat Light 2 and 1


Jared was one up with 3 to play, we only needed a half to win!
George Williams holed a big putt on 16 to go all square and then birdied
the last 2 holes to turn the match upside down.

On reflection a half was a fair result

Alan Covey
Boys Team Manager

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