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Sussex Boys



Sussex Girls









Cameron Henderson 3 & 2 1 Hannah Duval 0
Jack Sutton 0 Jelina Fernando 1 up 1
George Ounstead 0 Madeline Man 5 & 4 1
Joel Funnell 2 & 1 1 Penelope Brown 0
George Mills 0 Fenella Buss 1 up 1
Charles Morgan 0 Hollie Spencer 1 up 1
Joshua Davis 0 Lauren Hawkins 8 & 7 1
Elliot Guest 1 up 1 Dominque Froud 0
Total 3 Total  5

The first match between the U13 boys and the U15 girls took place at Haywards Heath GC on Sunday May 8th.

To give the match a bit of an edge it was decided that the boys would play off the white tees and the girls off their normal reds.This gave the boys an extra 500 yards to play. but in some matches the girls would be giving shots away, this resulted in 4 matches going to the 18th with the girls winning three of them.

Lauren Hawkins had the biggest win 8 and 7 over her fellow club mate Joshua Davis but Josh was giving four years in age diffference. The match result was a win for the girls by 5 to 3 with both sides looking forward to a re-match next year.



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