Sussex County Golf Union
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Junior Rules

1.   Competitors should arrive at the course and check in at least 30 minutes before 

      the stipulated teeing off time. 

2.   Competitors should check the rules of the event and any local Club rules about dress Code on the Course  
      and the within the Club house.
 Do not assume that you can wear golf Shoes in every area of the club house. 

3.   Caddies are not allowed. Parents and professionals must not accompany players on the 
during an event. Giving advice is in breach of The Rules of Golf (Rule 8).
      Parents are of
 course welcome to attend. 

4.   Competitors risk disqualification for any of the following: -
      (a)    throwing of clubs
      (b)   swearing
      (c)   damaging greens or tees or any other part of the course
      (d)   failure to replace divots
      (e)  failure to rake bunkers
      (f)    discarding litter except into bins
      (g)    any other poor conduct in the opinion of the SCGU representative in charge. 
      (h)    facial piercings of any sort.  

5.    Smoking or consumption of alcohol is not permitted at any junior event. 

6.    The playing of fruit machines is not allowed. 

7.    Proper golfing clothes and shoes must be worn on the course. Dress in the clubhouse
be in accordance with the Rules of the Host Club. 

8.    Slow play may be penalised (Rule 6-7). 

9.    A provisional ball should be played if there is any doubt about out of bounds or a lost

10.  Competitors should only accept a ruling on the course from a County Official and under
circumstances from a spectator. If any doubt persists or an official is not available 

       2  balls should  be played and a ruling  sought after the round. (Rule 3-3a).

11.  Score Cards must be signed by the competitor and countersigned by the Marker.
must always check the scorecard hole by hole before signing and handing in,
       errors cannot be 
rectified later. 

12.  All competitors must be present at the prize giving unless released by the SCGU official

13.  All competitors must be under 18 on the first of January in the year of the competition. 

14.  These junior rules apply to all club, County and SCGU matches.   


NOTE:  In the event of any dispute the decision of the SCGU official will be final.